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Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Dog's Days are Numbered (well, here, anyway)...

We love, love, love our four dogs. They are our babies. But lately it's been difficult dealing with them. Small dogs are barkers, and these are no exception. Blue lately has been barking at everything that moves outside. Oh, there are long periods of time when he is quiet and sleeps but when he lets loose it's so annoying. Orange follows suit, and Rusty with his deep bark is a close third. With Gerry not feeling well it's been quite difficult for him to cope. I feel fine and even I have issues with the barking. I couldn't believe it when Gerry suggested last week that we find a home for Blue. I told him that Blue is half of a set...Orange goes where Blue goes. But at that time Gerry said, "well, let's wait a week cause if I feel better I will not want to send them away." Then this morning he said that he REALLY thinks we need to find homes for them...and Rusty (oh, he ADORES Rusty). We know that our dear friends J&M would probably want to take Rusty - they love dacshunds and have two of their own, but one is having serious health issues right now. I asked Gerry is he was sure and he said yes. So I called my daughter Alison, the original Mommy of Blue and Orange. She and I agreed that we wanted good homes for them, so she offered to help, and possibly her friend would take them. Of course, upon hearing this, Gerry changed his mind and got very angry with me. But I am a realistic person. As he gets sicker, there is no way he OR I can cope with 4 little dogs. Even going away this weekend, to see Avi, would be impossible if we couldn't get a sitter. With me working, leaving the house at 6:45 AM and returning most days around 5 doesn't help matters. I am hoping and praying that Alison's friend takes Orange and Blue. Then we can bring them with us when we fly up there. It will be easier with Rusty and Tiemann, and once we can adopt-out Rusty, having Tiemann will be a piece of cake as he is 12 yrs old and no problem (except when he barks to get in because he refuses to enter if Orange and Blue are near the doggie door). I know that giving up our boys will be torture to us both - I might have to go through severe therapy. And keeping Tiemann - at least one of the boys - would be good for Gerry.


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