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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Chemo SUCKS!

My heart goes out to Gerry. He had 4 chemo treatments this week, Tuesday - Friday, 5+ hours each. Tomorrow he'll go to see the dr and will have an IV to flush his system. But yesterday he was feeling lousy....and today was worse. He was in bed all day (except this morning when he had coffee and cereal). He hasn't had a thing to eat since then, only cold water. He aches, is weak, gets dizzy, can't handle questions - the poor guy is really beaten down. Then a little while ago he got up and....threw up! At least that made him feel a bit better, but then he went back to bed. He is getting concerned because he just weighed himself and he's down to 186 lbs (when all this started he was up to 212 - overweight, but still a weight loss). Before this chemo started he was about 194, so he has lost 8 lbs in a week. He still has his belly but his arms, legs and chest are so much thinner. And this is just the beginning! He has to do another 4 days of chemo + one day of flush again in 3 weeks. We are going to Texas for his scans on the 22nd of April. At least in TX we get the results when we see the doctor the very next day. If this treatment doesn't do a thing for him I want to ask the doctor, "How much can you put him through (if it isn't going to work)?" It just hurts seeing him do beaten down. ARRGGGHH!!!! ......thanks for letting me vent!


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