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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Tragedy

Becca (my youngest child) called today with sad news. A friend of my son Adam was killed on Tuesday while riding his motorcycle. You can read about it here. Mario went to high school with Adam. He was a chubby, adorable, lovable guy. He and Adam would hang out at our house, fiddle with their cars, drink all our soda, and make me laugh. I had not seen him for several years, and then last summer my nephew Steven came for dinner. Afterward he and Adam went to a club that Adam sometimes worked at. Mario came out, gave me a big kiss and literally picked me up to hug me. He had slimmed down , looked great and was doing really well. His death was such a shock to me. That's two young men (the other was my tenant - see below). My heart breaks for this young man and my heart goes out to his parents. After work tomorrow I will go to the funeral home and pay my respects. I know I won't get through it dry-eyed. G-d ...enough already!


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