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Friday, April 04, 2008

Who Got a BREAK???

I got up early and took Orange and Blue to the vet by 7:30 AM for dental work. Then I worked out at Curves, took Gerry to the dr for his fluids, came home and painted the cottage bathroom (and does my body hurt today!), picked up Gerry, picked up the dogs (and every damn day I have been to either Publix, Walgreen's or both). I was on an all liquid diet yesterday in prep for the colonoscopy today (and the crap you have to drink...phosphate HORRIBLE - I had to drink it at 6 PM yesterday and 5 AM this morning). THen...the test. That was a cinch. I was supposed to come home and REST but I was cheated out of that! Gerry got a call from his dr to get a CT scan of his abdomen/pelvis STAT (they thought he might have a blockage cause his abdominal pain...HEELLLOOO!!! He has TUMORS!!!). So we stopped at the hospital to register and get his prep, came home so I could finally eat a little. Then back to get the scans, on to PUBLIX and WALGREEN'S. Feeling lousy, I still made dinner (which actually helped me feel better - eating, not cooking). Tomorrow he gets MORE fluids at home. His brother Eddie and wife Billie might visit, and I hope to run to Loew's and do  more painting in the cottage if I feel ok.


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