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Friday, March 28, 2008

I LOVE My New "Toy"

My computer has been having small "issues" for the past few months, was time. After hemming and hawing and probably driving Alison nuts (I did, didn't I Alison?) I had a phone conference with son-in-law Michael and decided to get an iMac desktop computer. I had had trouble decided between a laptop and a desktop, so Michael went over the pros and cons with me and  helped me work out a desktop that was right for me (thanks, Mike). I bought it last Saturday, and the very next day it proved to be worth every cent that it cost me (and believe me, it wasn't cheap). Alison sat in front of HER iMac with Avi...and we chatted. Avi saw Gerry and said, "Papa!" and when I asked, pointing to myself, who I was, he said, "Mama" (that's grandma) and waved. He was so cute. We sang a song, read a book, and then....and then....Alison put him own and I FINALLY saw him walk...oh, he walks like a champ! Tomorrow my mom will be here and we'll try to hook up with them again so she can talk to Avi face to face. I love the built in camera with microphone. Alison and I video chat, and she is able to show me things she is sewing, fabric she uses, etc, and I have shown her things that I got to Avi. Oh....yes...the computer is great for other things, word processing, and more...but at the moment, who cares, when I can be video chatting with Alison and Avi!!! Becca bought a new laptop with a built in camera too. I can't wait until she sets hers up so we can do the video thing too!


  • At 9:47 AM, Blogger Nik said…

    You two are so cute with the video chatting.


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