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Thursday, March 06, 2008


After two days of running here and there (after work) the big day had come - Gerry's 60th birthday surprise party. That morning I had more running to do....I worked out, got waxed, came home to shower, ran to Costco to pick up (way too much )food, and went to set up the room. When I got there, my cousin's wonderful husband Ray had already set up the room and decorated it - thank goodness, because I was already exhausted. Then he told me that we had parking spaces where I thought there were none, so I proceeded to call the guests to tell them and doncha know....they were on their way, due to arrive 30 minutes ahead of schedule. I ran to change for the party and came back to find the room half filled with guests (not a big room, only 30 people expected, but still...more than I wanted that early).

Getting Gerry there was another challenge. We never know how he will feel as he had been having pain, feeling tired, etc. His friend Dave was staying with us for a few days so I left it to him, but Gerry has a strong will and no one can direct what he does. So I hoped for the best! I called him around 1:30, when everyone was at the party. I had hoped Gerry would come at 2. He said he was busy on the computer and would arrive in about an hour, so I just said that he needed to be there before my cousin Ann (who the party was supposedly for). Around 2:15 one of our guests was outside and saw Gerry's car. I went out to meet him and Dave and to move my car to give them the spot. I ran back in and we got ready. Dave came in next - Gerry was retrieving his hat from the car. came Gerry and we yelled SURPRISE!!! Boy, was it ever!!! He stopped in the doorway, looked at us and walked out. I ran out and found him by the gate, crying...he was very overwhelmed. He came in and began greeting everyone and cried now and then, especially when he saw his former boss who he likes a lot. We had a wonderful time, the food was EXCELLENT!!!!! and Gerry was very, very happy!


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