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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Good Thing It's Spring Break!

If it wasn't, I would have had to take off this week cause oh, what a few days its been!
Saturday we had a home health nurse here to give Gerry fluids via IV. She was really sweet - but when she tried to put the IV tube into the port in Gerry's arm she couldn't figure out how to get it to go in. She tried to start a new line but while she got it in, the vein kept rolling and so it wouldn't work. Finally, Gerry was the one who showed her how to hook up into the original line (he SHOULD know since he watches them do it all the time). Once she got the line in, the 1000cc of saline should have taken 2 1/2 - 3 hours to complete. After that time only 100cc had gotten in. The nurse said that because the catheter was the smallest one they have, there wasn't enough "pull" by Gerry's veins to help the fluid go in, and the set-up didn't have a pump, just a drip. Gerry was PO'd, to say the least, but he held his temper (which in itself was amazing). 
I had picked up Mom earlier, thinking we would go shopping while he was hydrating. Good thing I stayed home! After the IV was stopped, the three of us went to the Yankee/Marlin exhibition game. The escalator was broken, and we had asked for wheelchair assistance, but Mr. Impatient insisted on walking up the ramp (we didn't know that there was an elevator REALLY close by). Gerry made it to the top of the ramp, only to find out he had to walk up ANOTHER ramp! Once seated, he was fine. We enjoyed the game, although he was so tired, and left in the middle of the 7th inning (since the Yankees were losing). We found out the next day that they rallied and won in the 9th inning - GO YANKEES!! When we got home a man from the medical supply company pulled up behind us with the much needed pump.
Sunday another nurse came and got the pump going. This time Gerry got the full 1000cc of fluid. But as the day went on, he got worse. He had no appetite, not even for water or Gator Ade. He had stomach pains, nausea, tons of gas (boy, can that man belch), and was sweating profusely. We got almost no sleep that night.
Monday we went to the doctor's office. Gerry was given two  bags of fluid. While he was there I got in some errands. Once we got home he wanted me here full time because he wasn't able to move too quickly, bend down or do other things for himself. Of course, we didn't go to the Mets/Marlins opening game. My good friend Lily's hubby Pete bought the tix and went with their son Jason. I felt good that at least someone we think the world of was able to enjoy the game in our place.
Tuesday it was back to the dr. for more fluids. Once again I sold the tix to Pete so I had to drive down to their house to deliver them. A little shopping with/for Mom and then I went back to get Gerry. He was a bit better that night, but because his blood levels, especially hemoglobin were so low (8.0) they ordered a transfusion for him for Wednesday.
Which brings us to today. Gerry had the transfusion today. I took that time to go to Curves to workout, pick up food to make a "real" dinner at Publix, and make some important phone calls. The best, though, was that I caught Alison online and got to have a video chat with Avi. That made my day, for sure!!! We talked, sang, and listened to Alison read a story.
Gerry still has a stomach ache and is exhausted, so he sleeps as much as he can. Tomorrow it's back to the dr's office for more fluids. The nurse practitioner said that all this is from the chemo, plus she thinks he has a urinary infection (there may have been blood in his urine, which they sent away for more testing). For that, he was given a strong antibiotic.
I REALLY wanted to start painting the bathroom in our cottage. For now, it will have to wait.


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