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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Doncha Love Surprises?

I do! I hope Gerry does, too, because I am making him a surprise 60th birthday party next week (oh, don't worry....I didn't let the cat out of the bag - he NEVER reads my blog). My cousin offered to let me have the party at her condo's party room - and it's FREE! So, while I would love to do the cooking, I can't because Gerry is here all the time. So I am getting the food and cake from Costco. I am just making the salad (Gerry thinks I am helping my cousin's husband make my cousin a 50th BD party - Gerry doesn't know that she will be 50 in a few years from now).
The best part is that I don't think he knows that the NY Yankees are playing an exhibition game agianst the Florida Marlins at the end of March, right before the actual season starts....and they are playing here in S. Florida. I bought tickets for both games, taking Mom with us to the second one. So I am putting the tickets in his card, but first he'll find a bag of peanuts, can of Coke, and a crocheted hot dog - all leading up to the tickets. Here is the hot dog that I made:

I obtained the pattern here. I used Lion Brand "Vanna's Choice" 100% Acrylic, colors Brick and Beige, Caron Simply Soft White, and a tiny bit of Lion Brand cotton yarn in yellow, plus 100% pure polyester fiberfill. I made it in two evenings while watching TV. After the party it goes straight to Avi!

Gerry has a 6 AM flight to Houston, TX tomorrow. He will start a new clinical trial and fly home on Tuesday. He had been feeling really good the past week or two, and his hemoglobin was up. But this weekend he didn't feel all that great...he had a low grade fever and pain at the "sites." Let's hope THIS treatment will be the one to work for him!


  • At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Sarah HB said…

    Nice gift!!

    I do hope this treatment works its charm!!

    Have a good time at the party!!


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