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Monday, April 07, 2008

Another Day

So - Saturday my man got his fluids and I went to Loew's. I returned, he was done and napping, and feeling good I did more work in the cottage bathroom. I painted the baseboards and window trim and most of the cabinet under the sink. I took out the medicine cabinet and went to put in the new one that measured the same as the old one. Well...the MIRROR measured the same but on the old one the part that sits in the wall was smaller. So I will take the new one back, get an el cheapo one and make a wood frame that I can paint white, for the edges of the mirror. 

Sunday Billie and Eddie came by. After doing some more work on the cabinet Billie and I went to do a little shopping....and really, she wanted to get me out and lend an ear. She knows Gerry since he's a young man so she understands him, his personality, and his feelings. She is very supportive of me, too, and understands what I am going through.

We came back and Gerry was napping, so Billie, Eddie and I ordered some Chinese food for dinner. When they left, Gerry woke and had some left over pasta. These days he LOVES my pasta!!!


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