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Friday, December 08, 2006

Gift Knitting

To fill in some time I knitted two face/dish cloths from Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. Using # 6 needles, I made one in seed stitch with a garter stitch border, and the other in box stitch, also wtih garter border. Put a bar or two of soap with it and it's a nice little gift for a coworker, office staff, etc.

I wrote in a previous post about some holiday gifts I had gotten. Today I decided to photograph them. I bought 10 pair of the red microfiber sleep socks - oh, they're so soft - for my coworkers; the scarf was a freebie from Bath and Body Shop (for any purchase); and a really nice quilted overnight bag, quite large, for $25 (supposedly regularly $65 - I'm not sure that is so BUT it's definitely worth the $25).


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