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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Finally Finished

I FINALLY finished the sweater I was working on for Avi, my grandson. It's the Fisherman's Rib Sweater with Saddle Shoulders from New Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss. I made the smaller size - 12 months, using 50g skeins of Hayfield Aran with wool - it's 80% acrylic and 20% wool. I could not find the yarn here so I got it on Ebay from a British seller. The purchase was 12 skeins and I have about 6 left for future use. I used US 4 needles for the basic rib and US 6 for the Fisherman's Rib. I didn't realize how long it would take to do the FR, nor that it would take more yarn. However, it's done and it came out really nice. I think Avi has enough sweaters to keep him warm for a while. This one should fit him when he is about 2, I think.

I have been waiting to take a picture of Gerry, myself and our two dogs for our holiday card. Unfortunately, the one time we took a pix, last week, Gerry had his hat on and his face was in shadow. Time is fleeting, so I decided to use one in our archives, sans dogs. There was one from Becca's graduation that was pretty good, but Gerry looked really tired in it. I am really fussy about pictures and didn't really want to use it. I went through all the photos on my computer - and in doing so, finally organized the folders by year instead of subject. I found a great photos of us with my nephew Michael from 2005 . So I got a little confident and decided to "play with it." Using PhotoShop Elements I cropped the photo, taking Michael out, erased my name from the name tag I had on, as well as the shine from sunglasses that were perched on my head.

I uploaded the finished pix to Costco and picked up my order today. I gave them a fast glance in the store and they looked fine. After addressing all the envelopes tonight (about 60) I was putting the cards into the envelopes when I saw that the salutation read: Love, Gerry and Jo! I NEVER sign my name as Jo. So, back they will go tomorrow. Thank goodness Costco is wonderful and I have no doubt that they will make good on the error. Upon seeing the picture on the holiday card, Gerry said, "You need to keep going back through the 'archives' each year, making us younger and younger with each holiday card!" I think Gerry had a very good idea.


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