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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Yup - we are in HAWAII!! With a 2 week winter vacation we decided to take advantage of the time and go all out. We arrived here on Friday night after a LONG trip - flew to Atlanta, LA and Honolulu. We had to sleep in Honolulu since we got in too late to make the last interisland flight to Maui. We caught an early flight Saturday morning and everything fell into place. The resort, Kahana Falls, is ok. We were booked into a hotel room-type room but upgraded to a one bedroom. Gerry is still on treatment and so naps alot, and this way I have the living room to hang in plus a full kitchen. We food shopped the other day - man, food is SOOO expensive - and I cooked holiday dinner for us. We have already been to a movie - Night in the Museum (cute, but best for kids), shoppping (bought something for Avi the first day, then today bought some things for Gerry and for ne). I am NOT a relaxer, but with him sleeping (especially on his treatment days) I have taken time to lay at the beach or by the pool, working on getting a tan. The sun is making my face break out (or maybe it's the sunscreen I am using) so I have to check that out. I was WAY too white and so gradually I am getting some color. Tonight we went to the Hyatt Luau. It was good, but about 20 min before it ended Gerry was so wiped out that we left. I was disappointed at first but I know it's hard for him and we DID have a busy day. So, he went to bed by 8:30 PM. The hotel offers wi-fi in your room but we had trouble getting onto it Good thing, as I found out they charge $10/day. However, the concierge desk offers ethernet hookup for free in the evening when they are not here so I am presently taking advantage of it. My eyes are closing though, so I will end this and continue later. BTW - no pix as I didn't bring my camera's cord to download pix to the laptop. They will have to come later. ALOHA!


  • At 8:23 AM, Blogger Sarah said…

    Have a great time in Hawaii.

    We will be visiting Honolulu this year!

  • At 6:39 PM, Anonymous bethanie said…

    I'm glad you two found time to get away.


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