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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Family Time

Last night Gerry and I drove to Boca Raton (about 20 minutes from us) and met "the kids" for dinner...Suzzette and Brian, Adam and his friend (and my best friend's daughter) Lysandra. Lysandra lives in Central Fl and drove down for the weekend to be with Adam. They stopped by my house earlier in the day so Adam could show her where I live. Then they left so I could drive my self crazy doing work for school (YUCK!!!). So I was really happy when it was time to leave for our night out. We went to Mario's of Boca, a really good Italian restaurant where Adam just happens to work. He is breakfast cook/manager a few days a week, serves the other mornings, and serves lunch weekdays. Plus he tends bar on weekends at the Holiday Inn attached to the restaurant. We had such a good time.
Me, Lysandra, Adam Brian, Suzzette, Gerry
The food was good, everyone was talking, laughing, having fun. Of course Adam knew all the servers, and we met his buddies, including the front manager. It was Suzzette's birthday, too. I had brought candles and gave them to Liann, our server, on the sly. When she brought out dessert, Gerry insisted on singing, so...we all did!!! Happy Birthday, Suzzette!!!

Lysandra & Adam Suzzette & Gerry
I still have not finished the blue fisherman rib sweater that I have (sometimes) been working on. Just way too busy with school work or too tired to knit. So tonight, as we watch (and hope) the NY Mets beat the Cardinals (hey, we support NY teams - so what if they aren't the Yankees?), I plan to iron and then....knit!!!


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