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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Whatta Day!

Today was quite a day. We invited a few people in to watch the Yankee/Red Sox double header
plus the Michigan/Notre Dame football game. My son Adam came over in the late afternoon with a friend. He brought me the most beautiful flowers
and lots of goodies from Doris's, and Italian grocery/bakery here in S. Florida.For those of you who are unfamiliar with Italian "goodies," (Alison and Becca, I know you know what these are), the red/white/green are Rainbow cookies - usually marzipan, but these have raspberry preserves inbetween the layers, topped off with dark chocolate (when we lived in the Bronx, NY, Dad always made sure to bring home a pound of these, as the kids would KILL for one or more); the cookie with the pine nuts are...pinolis; the "tubes" with the cream inside are cannoli; and the big shell-like pastry is called (I'm sure my spelling isn't good) sphilladell (don't ask me what that translates to). It's a somewhat flakey but firm outer with cream in the center; and in the top left hand corner you can see a bit of the peach coffee cake. One thing my son knows (and my daughters, too) is how to buy and set up pastries. I bought shrimp and stuff for BBQ, Adam did the cooking, and we had a fun time. My stepdaughter Suzzette and later her hubby Brian came over, as did Melinda and John, our friends. I could not believe how well Adam hit it off with Suzzette and Brian. They spent some time together outside while (YUCK) smoking (no matter how hard I try, I just can't get any of them to stop that nasty habit). By the end of the night, Adam and friends left to go to Suzzette and Brian's apartment. My mouth is STILL open in shock, but I truly am happy that they liked each other. Gerry was a doll, too....before Adam left, he gave Adam a big book of Yankee statistics. Glad they are accepting of one another.

So in spite of Notre Dame losing to Michigan, and the Yanks/Red Sox winning one game apiece of the double header, it really was fun.


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