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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just Keeping In Touch

I am now in Houston, Texas for a few days with Gerry. It's his quarterly visit to MD Anderson Cancer Center. We arrived last night, he had a full day of tests, and tomorrow he will see the dr. for the results. It was a tough day as his bloodwork was at 8 AM and then an MRI. By the time he was done, he was into the 3 hr window before his series of CT scans so he couldn't eat. Being a good wife, I don't either, so by the time he was finished at 3:40, we were starving. Of COURSE, the onsite cafeteria was closed, the hotel restaurant was too, so we drove to Jason's Deli at Rice (University) Village. We only ate half of what we ordered, to "take the edge off" our hunger, saving the rest for tomorrow. We love the restaurant in the hotel (Jesse Jones Rotary Club - attached to the medical center) and want to have dinner there later on. So for now, he is taking a much needed nap while I catch up on my e-mails. Gerry was amazed that I could sit so patiently for so long while he had his tests. Hey, with a bag full of my knitting and a book on my iPod, I can sit forever. While sitting I finished another sweater for the baby. It's a cardigan knitted with Rowan wool cotto # 958 (see previous post). I was sooo lucky. I worked on it top- down, finished the body and ran out of yarn for the sleeeves. I ordered more from Rosie's Yarn Cellar and when knitted up it looks like a perfect match. The original yarn came from a past secret pal, but I needed one more skein. I ordered two so I will probably make a matching hat. I purchased adorable buttons from a LYS Great Balls of Yarn. I will post a picture of the completed sweater when I get home next week, as I do not have my camera to computer connection. I will also write about our trip to Vegas just prior to Houston. We hope to catch an Astros baseball game tomorrow night, and leave on Thursday afternoon for Atlanta, to spend a few days with Alison and Michael. I have not seen her since her 9th week of pregnancy, and she is now 6 months and "showing" nicely. I can't wait!!! When we get home Sunday night, my other wonderful daughter Becca will be picking us up at the airport, as she is coming for a 4 or 5 day visit. What a GREAT week - two girls in one!!!
Oh, and lest you should worry, now that I have finished the Rowan yarn sweater....I am starting on another...Lion Brand Cotton Ease "Tiny Jester Set." It's LB#30035. I just happen to have plenty of Cotton Ease in Candy Blue & Pineapple (yellow) that was purchased on sale last year at Tuesday Morning. The set also calls for Vanilla (white) but since I don't have any and want to get started tonight (and am not near a yarn store), it will just have to be two white. I'm sure my grandson won't mind!!!


  • At 9:25 AM, Blogger Sarah said…

    Why is it that guys can't sit and wait?

    I always have a book or knitting with me so, I am fine for long periods of "sitting".

    Hope all the tests are good news!

    Give Alison a hug for me!

  • At 5:34 PM, Blogger bethanie said…

    Hope all the tests went well!


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