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Saturday, July 01, 2006

YEA - Finished at Last

Here are the socks that I started in late May for my not-so-secret pal at work. When the "big day" to reveal ourselves with the "big gift" arrived, I gave her some goodies and one sock...that was all I had finished! Then I took it back with the promise to make the matching one and....I did! I finished it on my trip to NY last week. It's the Broad ripple pattern make with Sock Landscape yarn (Cape Cod) from
Next I made a sweater from Creature Comforts for my coming grandson. I had a slightly tough time with the intasia. I really need to have someone sit and show me how to do it without making it tight or puckery. But I think it came out fairly well. I used Simply Soft by Caron...I LOVE that yarn for babies. It's so soft, washable and the color is perfect for a little boy. Alison informed me, however, that she has a closet full of her hand knitted sweaters for little girls....oh, oh! ...and that she needs some sweaters for newborn, as the baby will be born in November. She has one sweater that my mom's friend made when I was pregnant with Alison. It looks as if it was made using a zero or 1 needle. If Alison's baby is more than 7 1/2 pounds, he'll wear it twice and she'll have to put it away. Grandma to the rescue. I found a pattern for a simple top-down cardigan and will attempt to make it using my Rowan wool-cotton. Luckily, it's small so it won't take long and if I hate it I can frog it and do another. If you have a simple cardigan pattern that you love, please let me know.


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