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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another Fun Weekend

April 25

Every year in Delray Beach we have a huge street fair. Six years ago,when I first attended the Delray Affair, it was small....4 blocks of the Avenue were cut off to traffic, many of the stores set up tables outside and displayed their wares, & some bands were playing the streets. In fact, my picture was taken while looking at some CDs on a table, and appeared in a short-lived AVENUE magazine. Now the Delray Affair is a weekend-long extravaganza. The city shuts down about 10 blocks of the Avenue, there are tented booths as far as you can see, and into the side streets as well, foods from all cultures being sold, entertainment, etc. Since parking is almost impossible I walked to the Avenue from home...9 blocks. Once there I walked the entire length and back - took me a few hours. I enjoyed meandering through the many sellers booths, in and out of a few stores as well. I stopped by the booth of my favorite local radio station Sunny 104.3. I wanted to tell them how much I appreciate that they now give morning traffic reports after every song. No more ending up in a traffic jam while waiting for 5 songs to finish. While waiting to say my thank you, I filled out an entry form to win a spa package at a local spa, and one for Cirque du Soleil Delirium. I then went on my way. Later on we went to the movies to see American Dreamz - cute, entertaining and a little goofy.

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When we got home there was a message from the radio station... I had WON two tix to Cirque for the next night (Sunday). We were so excited!!! The seats were choice, and cost $260 for the pair...not a bad win at all! When the next afternoon was upon us we decided to drive to the area of the arena and have a nice dinner. I had seen on the ticket site that the performance started at 8 PM so we left the house at 5:15. When we stopped for gas, Gerry suggested that I look at the tix, as 8 PM seemed a little late for a show on a Sunday evening. And wouldn't you know said 7 PM on the tix. So....bye, bye nice dinner. We ate at Wendy's (and the potato was really good!). Our seats at Cirque were unbelieveable....row 5, center, up close and personal. The show was great! We had seen La Nuba in Orlando on our honeymoon and loved it. We are heading to Vegas in July and hope to catch either O or Mistique.

Now Gerry says I should play the lottery since I am lucky! I should, shouldn't I?

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When I went to get my tix on Sunday I rode my bike into town. I passed many stores that were displaying things outside. I picked up this little pocketbook, totally not my usual style, but the price was right and it was sooo pretty. I wanted to get one in a lighter color but one was enough. What do you think? Cute, huh? So NOT ME but I love it (but holds next to nothing). A very fruitful weekend, for sure!

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