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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

On My Own

April 18th

UGH! Today I returned to work after a nice, long Spring break. Actually, my students were was just being there instead of home that I didn't like. Compounding things was that Gerry drove to Central Florida today to spend some time with his brother. Eddie and his wife Billie have a house in The Villages, about 1/2 way between Orlando and Ocala, Florida. They come down from their NJ home whenever they have vacation time. In about 2 years they will relocate for good. Anyway...with Gerry gone, my poor dogs can't go out to "go." Luckily, Gerry didn't leave till around noon, so they were only stuck in for 4 hours or so. I got home and there were no "accidents" in the house, which is a miracle because my maltese Tiemann has a very small bladder (and a very LARGE attitude). After going out, Tiemann ran inside and I heard his angry bark. I thought he was telling me that the water bowl was empty (he really DOES let me know). Well, the bowl was full, and he was alternating barking - YELLING - at me and the door. He did this to me when Gerry was in the hospital and I was gone a long time. He is mad that Gerry isn't walking in after me. should hear this little guy yell at me, as if to say, "Where the hell is he? Why isn't he with you?" Most likely he saw Gerry walk out with a suitcase....Tiemann doesn't forget!!! Tomorrow my stepdaughter Suzzette is doing me a BIG favor by coming here on her lunch hour to let the boys out, as I will be gone from 6:45 AM until about 5:30 PM. There is no way I could hold it that long!!! Oh, I dread Thursday and Friday...she can't make it and I'll be gone till 3:30 or 4! There are no neighbors home and no kids in the area so....!
So Gerry did the drive and felt pretty good. I am glad, cause that gave him confidence that he could do more than he thought he could. It's good for him to get away since he is home much of the time, and it can drive you crazy looking at 4 walls and dealing with three dogs who always want to go out back.
After rushing home and having a normal dinner (something I rarely have on Tuesday nights) I went to my knitting group. There were 7 of us tonight....that's a huge crowd compared to our usual 3 or 4. We were so happy to be joined by Maddy. When I first started knitting with this group, Maddy was a regular, Then, last fall, she had two strokes (at the age of 47). The second one left her paralyzed on one side. She has been in a nursing home/rehab for the past several months. Unfortunately, she has no money or benefits, so she is not in a place that gives her the therapy she needs. She's doing better though, and hopes to one day get back to a place of her own and possibly drive again, since she has full use of her right side. What amazed me was that she is knitting again. Maddy was a great knitter/crafter. She had to relearn, now using her left hand to hold the needle in place, and use the English method of "throwing" with her right hand. It took a lot of hard work and perseverance, but she is doing it and doing it well. I always say that I am very thankful for what I have in life, no matter what little challenges are thrown at me, for there is always someone a little worse off than me, fighting whatever battles they may have. Bravo, Maddy! Keep up the good work. And thank you to Catherine for being a good friend to Maddy and for bringing her out for the evening to join us.


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