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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Definitely Worth The Wait

April 20

Today was fun but exhausting. The entire kindergarten went on a field trip to Flamingo Gardens (Fort Lauderdale). I had never been there before, but I set it up (way back in August) 'cause I wanted to finally get there I heard it was a great trip for the kids. We were not disappointed. The tour guides and the rest of the staff are unbelievably friendly and helpful, and the presentation was very age appropriate. My class was fabulous (thank goodness). When we returned to school there was barely an hour left so we just had a relaxing end of the day. Then....the principal called a meeting, just as I was preparing to hightail it on home. Luckily it didn't last long and I was on my way. I am SOOOOO tired and couldn't wait to get home, and was worried about my 3 dogs who were alone from 6:45 AM - 3:30 PM (with Gerry visiting his brother there was no way for them to "go out.") They were little wet spot - probably from the usual culprit, Tiemann....and believe me, THAT I can live with.

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My surprise when I got home was a package from SP7....Francesca from PA. She has been a fabulous SP. This last package was so terrific (love the baseball postcard, too): a box of STASH Chai green tea bags...LOVE green tea!...a skein of lace weight Shadow, 100% Merino Wool, color Sunset from Knit Picks, a skein of natural wool (looks like worsted weight) with 4 packages of Kool-Aid in cool colors for dying the yarn (and that's SO much fun to do), and a WONDERFUL book Great Knitted Gifts by Andrea Shackleton & Gayle Shackelton. The patterns have lots of colors and use intarsia....and since Alison says I am an ADVANCED knitter (um - if you say so, honey), then I guess I will have to knit some from this lovely book. Thank you, have been a GREAT SP7! It's been fun being spoiled by you!

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