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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What's In A Number?

Last night I went to my knitting group. Catherine and Maddy were working together to knit the afore mentioned bear. It's by Debbie Bliss and has mucho parts for one little bear. I showed them the sweater I made and Catherine was surprised that it came out so big, when the bear is only 10". There is no gauge listed in the directions. Then, we figured it out.....the needle size is listed in English (as in Great Britain) needle sizes. I should have gone by the mm listing. So, where I was about to use a size 9 (US) for the jeans, No. 9 British is size 5 US. OY! I will make the jeans and THEN remake the sweater, but don't know if I will do intargia again. Maybe something simple!

Our "guest" last night was "Moze" of Mozemen's Blues. She came with her two lovely teenage daughters, both working on counted cross stitch and other needle crafts. When I arrived I was talking on the phone to Alison, who said, "So, "Moze" is joining you tonight?" I asked how she knew and she told me that Moze had written to her that she was coming.....Moze and Alison had exchanged gifts via FiberRaok. So when Moze walked in, I redialed Alison so they could speak (Moze is from Israel and they have only communicated via the internet). How cool is that??

Working on the first broadripple sock, I got carried away again and knit too many rows toward the toe. But having Catherine there is a boon, as she designs socks and so is my sock guru (she wrote The Sock Calendar and The Sock Journal books - both excellent). She advised me to follow the directions for a few rows (decreasing one round, even one round) and then just decreasing every round, which would give more of a rounded toe. I tinked back a few rows and then did as she said and the sock is beautiful. I will post pix when I have finished both socks.

Today I am off to the Pontiac dealer to see how painful this replacement of my convertible top will be. If my next post is smudged with teardrops, you'll hopefully understand!!

HAPPY 4th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to my daughter Becca and my son (in-law) Phil. May your lives together continue to be full of fun, friendship and love.


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