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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What A Week!!!

July 12, 2005

 Tonight I went to knitting group and was given the pattern to make a sweater and jeans for the teddy bear that we are making together. Catherine will knit the bear, and the rest of us are making outfits for it. It is supposed to be for one of the women who is expecting a baby, but we have not seen her in a LONG time and no one knows how to get in touch with her. Soooo � we will save it for her and if we do not see her again, we�ll just raffle it off among us. I am making a sweater and jeans for the bear. The sweater has an intarjia pattern on it. I have never done this before so it�s a good way to try it, as it�s small!


July 17

 What a nice day. I met my coworker/friend Sherry at Town Center Mall, a beautiful mall in Boca Raton, Florida. We walked, talked, did a little shopping (only two tops, really, not much at all, I swear) and had wonderful salads for lunch. After leaving her, I got my bathing suit and joined my other friend (who is also my massage therapist) for a swim in her pool. Then it was time to go home and get ready for movie night.

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I made such a goof last week. I purchased tix for the opening of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the IMAX theater, thinking I would take my niece and her friend. Why I only noticed the DAY and not the DATE is beyond me, but the girls left on the 12th and the tix were for the 15th�DUH! So I sold the two tix to my friend and her husband, and they joined Gerry, Mom, Suzzette and me. Unfortunately, there was a long line to go in when we got there, so instead of the ideal seats in the back of the theater, we sat closer than the middle. The sound was LOUD, the screen was BIG, but we adjusted...somewhat. The movie was really good, but I don�t understand why people kept telling me that it was very different than the original with Gene Wilder. Oh, yes, the graphics were greater, the songs of the Oompah-Lumpas were different, as were the look of them, but aside from a little addition at the end, it was the same. However, Gene Wilder�s Wonka was strange�.Johnny Depp�s was WEIRD � in a good way. We enjoyed the movie a lot, and for those who never saw the original, you will like it all the more.


On Saturday I joined my friend Carla, baby Parker, Carla�s dad and his wife at Deerfield Beach. We went early so it wouldn�t be too hot for Parker. It was SO nice. We sat at the water�s edge while Parker played and got to talk and talk (that�s always fun). Parker was delighted with the sand and water and was focused for over an hour. This time I made sure to put sunscreen on my body, as I am still flaking from last week�s sunburn.


I was so tired in the afternoon that after doing some things around the house, Gerry and I took a nap. When I woke, I thought it was the next morning! But�.what we failed to remember was the Yankee game�.they had already played and WON!!! Well, it�s good that they won because on Thursday they had beat the Red Sox, but on Friday they were embarrassingly massacred (don�t even THINK I would print the score here�horrendous)!!  Since there was no game, we went to the movies to see Wedding Crashers. What a funny, funny movie. Vince Vaughn stole the show�.he was hysterical. The only one I didn�t like was Will Farrell, who had a small part. He is just TOO out there, and it�s just not funny. But the rest of the movie made up for that.

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The Rivalry Continues

Today we had a little BBQ for a few of Gerry�s friends who are Yankee or Red Sox Fans. Then we watched game 4 of this series. It was a really good game, and thank goodness�the Yankees took it. Better still, all parted friends�hey, a little friendly rivalry is always fun. Looks like the Yanks are getting back in the swing!

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July 18

Cant� Go Topless This Week

I am SOOOO bummed out. The convertible top on my car broke�.yes�broke! The arm that brings it up and down cracked off�irreparable! I had to go get two estimates today and then have to decide which one to go with. It won�t be cheap! However it�s better than having to get a new car and make payments. I need my car to last another two years (three would be great) and then I can get a newbie�.probably another convertible! Just look at my poor baby. There is a space b/t the top and the window, so Gerry put plastic and tape to keep the rain out (this IS the rainy season). It looks like a ghetto car now�.sob! I will bring it in this week for the repair. Good thing I over bought in the yarn department this summer, cause I won�t be affording yarns for awhile!!

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Tonight I finished the bear�s sweater. My first attempt at intargia wasn�t the best�I think I pulled a little too tight, but at least it is semi-decent and only for a teddy bear. I wanted to start on the jeans but didn�t have the time so I will do that tonight.

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In the meantime, I am working on broadripple socks for my sockapalooza buddy. Here is (still) number one sock.

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The Yanks played their first game against the Texas Rangers. It was touch and go but we won, the Red Sox lost their game against Tampa Bay, so we are (finally) in first place once again. The second best part about sitting on the couch and watching the Yanks is that I get to knit, knit, knit!!


July 18

What A Pal!! 

I have such a fabulous Secret Pal 5. Today another package arrived. She sends me the greatest yarns. This time it was 5 skeins of Lara�Endless Summer Collection from � It�s 100% combed cotton, black, 138 yards each. I LOVE it! Plus she sent  package of DPN holders, size 6 � 8. I don�t have any DPN holders. They are SO cute�little sweaters. PLUS�.three magazines. If you are reading SP5, I Do get Creative Knitting, but not the other two, so thank you again and again. You are fabulous!!! I LOVE getting your packages. You send such wonderful gifts, it always makes my day!!!

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I also received my Harry Potter book. I can�t wait to read it, but have to finish what I am in the middle of reading first (The Man I Should Have Married by Pamela Redmond Satran).

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July 19, 2005

Getting ready to meet Mom for lunch. I am having my last hurrah as I return to work on Monday. The entire teaching staff has to report on August 2nd (students return on the 8th) but I am among 14 teachers who are going in next week for a weeklong training. The pay was too good to pass up, and frankly, after 6 weeks of steady travel and company, I am ready to return to work. Besides, I miss my good friends there.


Just had to take a pix of Tiemann in the sweatshirt that my daughter Becca bought him. She couldn�t resist it cause it was Gator colors (I know you like that, Alison) and it says  T-Bone on the side, which is one of the nicknames that my ex had given to Tiemann. The poor dog looks traumatized, doesn�t he? We never �dress� them in anything more than a bandana. But thanks, Becca�.it still was a perfect gift!!!

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Tonight is knitting night and I am excited. Althea is joining us. She is from FiberRaok on Yahoo, and is visiting S. Florida. I told her about the knitting group that I am in and she wrote to say that she will be there, along with her teens who crochet and cross stitch. How cool is that?




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