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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Just Hanging Out

July 21

Can you believe it? I spend two entire days at home. I didn't go to lunch with anyone, didn't run to a store, take a walk, visit a friend...nada, nothing. Gerry was SHOCKED!! I almost NEVER stay in a whole day. I must admit, it was very nice. I spent each morning futzing around on the computer, read a few Harry Potter chapters, did a little knitting (working on another sweater for that &%^$ bear that we are making together in knitting group), napped (aahhh), and....whatever. Oh, I did go out, to get lunch for us at Jersey Mike's Subs....a sub for Gerry and a breadless sub for me (they put the fixin's in a plastic tub). When I came home, I started mine, then had to go outside for something, so I put the closed tub on my coffee table. guessed dog(s) got into it. When I got back, all that was left was some lettuce, an empty tub, and three innocent looking pooches. Now I KNOW Cocktail didn't do it. He was in the other room, sleeping (he's 15). I am SURE it was my daschund Rusty, who sat on the futon in the office with a "who me?" expression. As for my Maltese Tiemann, well, he probably didn't jump up for the food, but I am sure he helped devour it,even though he kept pointing at Rusty. Good thing I really wasn't that hungry!!

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Thursday night Gerry and I went to see an interesting movie....Happy Endings with Lisa Kudrow. It was, mmm, different, but I liked it (don't think Gerry thought much of it).

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Of course, we had to watch the Yankee/Angels game when we got home. They lost....sigh!


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