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Saturday, July 23, 2005

July 23

I can't believe it! I went to the beach again! I usually get there once a year, but today was my 5th time in ONE MONTH!! Once again I met Carla, Parker and the grandaparents. It was lovely, the water warm, and Parker was a doll. Last week he was only walking a few steps at a time. This week, he's all on his own. He is 14 months and as cute as can be. Once I get several projects over with I am gonna make that cutie pie a sweater. Carla is planning to move back to Florida next spring. That would be great. She started out as a coworker and became one of my dearest friends, even though she is only 6 years older than my daughter. In fact, both Carla and I agree that it's too bad that she no longer lives in Atlanta cause I think she and Alison, who is moving just outside Atlanta, would get along very well.


This afternoon Ger and I went to Costco so he could get a new copier/scanner/FAX machine for the home office. While there I saw a beautiful bicycle. Mine is still ok but isn't the best bike, so I treated myself to this one.

Image hosted by

Then I treated the two of us to lunch/dinner at the Olive Garden (using a gift certificate that I had). That was my one meal of the day, but it was a GOOOOOD one!

Ach, it's so hot here in S. Florida for the past week, it just takes everything out of you. We were exhausted when we got home, so....nap time. It's wonderful being at this stage of little kids, nothing to worry about, just us and the dogs, and when we sleep, they sleep.

And when the sun starts to set, and it gets a little cooler, what better thing to do than....take out the bikes. We rode to Starbucks on the Avenue. Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with downtown Delray Beach, let me tell you that it's the "In" place to be in S. Florida (besides South Beach, but that's an hour south of us in Miami). It's beautiful, with many restaurants, shops and other interesting places. At night the trees have little white lights decorating them, there is music coming from some of the clubs, it's laid back, quaint but trendy at the same time. After Starbucks we rode to the beach, about 1/2 mile down the road, went to the little (10x10) wooden area on the sand and watched the little waves roll in. Then it was back onto the bikes and home again. What a great bike! It was so comfortable and an easy ride. Now we just do it more often.


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