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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What a Bummer!

I wait all week for Tuesdays. I go through my day at school, hold my team meeting right after work and then stay and do my lesson plans and any other work that needs to be done....cause I hang out till 5 PM and head straight to my SnB meeting (it's half way between work and home so it doesn't pay to go home first). I really, really look forward to seeing my knitting cronies. So you can imagine how I felt when I walked in and found out that this is the last meeting at that site (supposedly for the summer). There were only two of us "regulars" there plus one "newbie." We are a small group to begin with, but several other knitters didn't come in because they have company visiting for the Passover holiday. So now we are trying to come up with a place to meet and continue our Tuesday evening SnB knit-ins. Arlene spoke to one Barnes and Noble who said we can just pull up some tables and chairs and hang out. I will ask at another that is a bit closer to me, but either way, I'll attend wherever it is.
I started a new project...a cardigan using Karina by (King) Filtes yarns. It's so soft and fuzzy. The pattern was done on the computer by Judy who owns the LYS where we met, so I have never seen a picture of the sweater done up. I hope it comes out good. I will post a picture when I get a few more inches done on it. Tonight, after an awesome win by the Yankees over the Angels (and a fabulous night for Alex Rodriguez) I made the second sleeve to my WOW! chenille cardigan. Now I have to take the time to sew it up. Can't wait till that's all done. Will post it at that time.
My secret Pal posted about my package on her blog and I am no longer a "secret." She is so sweet. I hope we keep in touch!
Time for sleep...YAWN!!!I am more than ready. 'night!


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