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Monday, April 25, 2005

Secret Pal Revealed...sort of....

I just read my secret pal's blog (the person I send goodies to) and there was 2 entries. The first told about what a bummer of a day she has had. The second was an audio entry, thanking her secret pal...that's me...for the package she received today, just in time to soothe her savage soul. It made me feel SO good to know that she liked what I sent and that it happened to arrive at a most opportune time. Nikki has been fun to send things to (and to Smokey, her little dog). I have enjoyed reading her blog, too, and getting to know her. And...because I read her blog, I have learned how to do an audio entry, something that not even Alison, my daughter, knew how to do...and SHE'S the techie. So thank you, Nikki!!!!

By the way...the bike ride was wonderful, and thanks to going on the treadmill several times a week, my legs handled it much better than a while ago. Now it's off to the shower and then to the couch to knit a bit.


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