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Friday, February 01, 2008

Hanging in There - Being Positive!

Gerry had his scans yesterday. Good news...the "something" that was seen on the brain MRI a month ago is not there anymore - so that little scare was for nothing. While I have not read the scan results yet, the dr. said that the tumors in Gerry's abdomen and pelvis have grown a little more but he wasn't freaking out over it (but then, the dr never does). He was pleased that Gerry has been feeling better and less exhausted (except for a cold that he has now that is making him feel lousy). So - on to the next step: Gerry will now be doing a clinical trial that is an immunotherapy, geered to making his body recognize that the tumors are BAD and that they should be attacked and chewed up! He will return to TX, starting on Feb. 11th, for one day of treatment. The treatment is a 90 minute IV infusion done as an outpatient. Then he will be monitored for a few hours and will fly home the next day. He will receive the treatment every three weeks for 4 treatments. Two weeks after the last treatment he'll have scans, and if they show that there are no NEW tumors, he will continue the treatments, receiving them every twelve weeks. The side affects are not too bad, the most common are skin rash with itching (like a heat rash) and possible diarrhea (that can be controlled with Immodium). His bloodcells and platelets should not be affected. So for now, our optimism continues!!! The downside is that I will return to work much earlier than planned. I was going to return on Feb. 25th. However, since he is ok and I don't have to fly to TX with him for this treatment, there is no need for me to be home. My principal said to return on the 11th, and I have requested to go in on Feb. 8th to "shadow" my subsitute. Even though she is basically mirroring what I do/did, she is the one who has been with my class for over tow months so I feel that I need to observe HER before taking over again. I am looking forward to seeing the kids, but mostly my friends at the school, AND seeing a paycheck again! How I missed it!!!!


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