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Sunday, September 30, 2007

On The Road Again!

We DID go away, and it was loverly! Yesterday we got up and decided to drive to the Keys, stopping whenever we felt the time was right. Before we left, though, we had one important stop. Gerry's hair had been falling out for the past 4 or 5 days. When he saw how much was left on his pillow in the morning, he decided to have it all taken off. We stopped at his barber at 8 AM and I watched as the barber lathered up Gerry's head and used a straight-edged razor to take it off. Poor Gerry was like a little boy getting his first hair cut. He was so scared. But when the barber was done...Gerry looked great! I really like his baldness. He has a nice shaped lumps or bumps. Now all I need to get him is a brown overcoat and a light bulb and I can pass him off as Uncle Fester (Adam's Family). Seriously, though...he looks great. I don't have a pix of him right now, but we are going to a wedding in a few weeks and I'll make sure to take one then. After the haircut we set out on the road. We drove to Tavernier, which is just below Key Largo, and stayed in a one bedroom condo. I went to the pool for about an hour, came up and we napped....for 5 hours. We were SOOO tired! I also got to read a bit. It was wonderful. No phone calls, no dogs barking, no cars going by....blissfully quiet. In the evening we went to the Whale Harbor seafood buffet. Not fancy, but we enjoy it each time we are down there. Today we got up, did a wash, headed out, had breakfast and drove home. It was truly a relaxing overnight, one that we both needed very much.


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