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Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's Who You Know and What HE Knows!

Most of the schools in my county give their teachers the use of a laptop for their school/personnal use until they leave the school. In my last school I had an Apple iBook G4. I am not a MAC lover but I did come to love my G4. I am at a new school this year and had a iBook G3 (a step below my last one) or a Dell Latitutde. I chose the Dell, as I have always been partial to PC's (and didn't want less than I had last year). It's fine, except I could not for the life of me get it to pick up the internet at home. I have a router, and the Dell would show that it picked up an excellent signal, but it would not fo online. Every day I have brought it back to school for the tech guy to see. He would go through it making changes to the system, tell me what to do at home, and when I brought it home it would not work online. I waaas ready to throw it out the window ('s not mine). Finally, when I was venting to Alison, she said that she would ask Michael to help out. wonderful son-in-law (who by now is really more like a son, as is Becca's husband, Phil - I love them both!) called me last night and talked me through the changes that needed to be made and EUREKA!!!!!! - it worked. The computer picks up the ONLINE signal and works beautifully. He then gave me the information to get it working on the school system. It helps to have a tech genius in the family! And a sweet guy at that! After he got it working, we took time to have a really nice conversation about other things NOT tech. Gerry with Michael
Now I have to be a really good girl and NOT go up to the tech guy at work and say....HA! (which I won't do because he's a really nice guy and he DID try).

Speaking of's my students first day. I already know that I will have an upset stomach. I feel fine now, but the first day I always feel butterflies. The good thing, though, is that this is the first of the last 6 classes that I will have, as I have made up my mind to retire in 6 years!!!!!! Woohoo!


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