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Friday, September 28, 2007

It was the BEST of Times, it was the WORST of times!

Last week was to have been the best week of the Fall. It almost was. Actually, it was the best HALF-week of the Fall. Alison, Michael and Avi came to S. Florida for a visit. After work on Monday I picked them up at the airport. When they rounded the corner coming from the gate, I saw Michael, and then Alison with Avi "strapped" to her in his carrier. The minute he saw me he gave a huge grin....oh, what that does to a grandma's heart!. Alison opened the carrier and he came right to me. He was all smiles, playful, even gave me a kiss.

Unfortunately I had to work each day, as I have no more days to take off, having used them up going to TX with Gerry. But the kindergarten had their water safety classes each day which meant that I missed my break and got to leave 30 minutes earlier. The weather was HORRIBLE!!! Rain, rain and more rain (yea, the students spent their water safety classes INSIDE most of the time). On Tuesday I picked up my mother so she could spend time with the kids. Alison called as we were on our way to tell us that since the rain (temporarily) stopped they were walking to the Avenue to get ice cream at Doc's, a big outside food stand, well known in Delray Beach. Avi seemed to relish being outside and the center of attention. I got a soft serve ice cream and shared it with him. He LOVED it! Papa Gerry then had a lot of fun playing with Avi.

Wednesday afternoon after work the rain stopped once more. Gerry and I took Avi outside for a bit and walked around the block with him in his stroller. Gerry started singing and Avi then "sang" along with his little "la,la,la's." Gerry was in heaven!!! While I don't know this for a fact, I think it's fairly safe to say that my grandchildren will be the only grandchildren that Gerry ever has, and he absolutely adores Avi!!! It seemed that Avi was really bonding with us this trip. He still only wanted his parents when he was very tired, but he was staying with us longer and longer. Monday night was funny though...Alison put Avi to bed and when he was asleep, she, Michael and I went food shopping,leaving Gerry to babysit. We were just about finished shopping when Gerry called on my cell. Avi had awakened and was crying profusely. Alison gave permission for Gerry to get Avi out of the crib. We got home about 15 minutes later. Gerry was holding a crying child, having done his best to walk him through our little house looking for everyone, and entertain him. Gerry survived and so did Avi.

I woke Thursday morning to get ready for work, and there was Alison with Avi. This child who sleeps all night long at home had gotten up all through the night. The room they were staying in is very small, with the crib right next to the bed. So when Avi wakes up (in a bed that is not his own) he sees his parents and wants out. Alison and Michael got no sleep that night (the night before wasn't much better) so they decided to get a flight home that day instead of on Sunday morning, as planned. I totally wasn't fair to any of them if they couldn't get any sleep at night. So I made my good-byes, went to work...and cried all day. They were supposed to have come to school and have lunch with me that day (it was a half day for the students), and I was looking forward to Saturday when I would have all day with them. Alison was a doll and called on her way to the airport, at the airport, and when they landed in Atlanta. I know she felt guilty about leaving, but again, I really understood, I was just feeling sorry for me and Gerry. That night Gerry took me out to eat and to the movies and proposed that we go away on Saturday, just for the night. I thought it was a great idea. Here are a few more pix of my cutie pie:


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