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Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Grandson, the Genius!!

I know all grandparents think that their grandchild is a genius.....but mine REALLY is!! And Avi is only 10 1/2 months old!
I got a call today at 3 PM (work was done) from hubby Gerry. The conversation went like this:
G- "I think I'm losing my mind!" Me - "You just realized that?" ....just kidding
G - "I just got off the phone after talking to a beautiful little boy!"
Me - "Oh, you talked to Avi?" G - "Yes, we had a wonderful conversation for a few minutes."
Me - "How nice! Alison (my daughter) called so you could talk to Avi?" G - "No."
Me - "Oh, she put him on first and then you talked to her?" G - "No. Alison never got on the phone." Me - "O....K...! So, did the phone ring?" G - "Yes, and I picked it up and it was Avi."
Me - "Uh - huh! So, what did you talk about?" G - "Well, he didn't have much to say about his mother but he went on a lot (babbled) about his toy, I guess. I told him that we are excited taht he is coming to see us in a few days, and that Grandpa is going to go out and buy him a little pool to play in. After awhile it got quiet and I thought that Alison was going to speak, but she didn't. I said, ' Alison? Alison?' and then it went dead so I hung up. I called back but only got to leave a message."
Me - "Ok - I'll call Alison as I am leaving work in 5 minutes and get to the bottom of this. But you know, if Avi DID call you on his own, they had better start saving up to send him to Harvard!" G - " If he did, I'll have to contribute to THAT!"
I called Alison and she thought I was kidding at first. Then she said that she had been working on something and that since he was playing at her feet, she had given him the house phone to entertain him....he loves phones! But there was no way he could actually dial my house number. So I reminded her that she had called me late last night, so perhaps I was the last call made from her phone and that he hit "Redial". Again, he would have had to hit the "Talk/On" button AND the "Redial" button. Alison then checked her phone and sure enough...a call had been made to my house just before 3 PM. She remarked that a few minutes ago he had been babbling up a storm...she didn't realize that he had been talking to and listening to his grandpa Gerry. How funny is THAT?!!! Well, it REALLY made Gerry's day. It's feelings aren't hurt! Even though it wasn't ME who Avi called for his first "on-his-own" phone call, I know how happy it made his grandpa feel. Alison...don't forget to mark this down in his baby book under "Baby's first call."


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