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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Frustrating, to Say the Least!

We flew to Houston, TX Monday night. We were both hopeful and anxious over the coming scans and doctor visit, as well as the start of treatment on Friday as part of the clinical trial that Gerry would be in. We didn't even get to stay at the Rotary House (hotel) as we usually was booked up several weeks ago. So we booked a room at the Spring Hill Suites at Reliant Park (Gerry really likes SHS). The room was really spacious and should be for $149/night! As soon as we got into the room I noticed that there was a big puddle under the bathroom sink and the phone on the desk didn't work. I contacted the front desk and within 5 minutes a repairman was at our door. I don't mind problems, as long as they are rectified, and the staff went out of their way to do just that.
Tuesday after breakfast we went to the medical center and Gerry had his scans. We were there for almost 5 hours...blood work, MRI of his brain, chest x-ray, CT scans of the pelvis, abdomen and chest. Lucky for me I had my knitting (I started a little dress called Crumpets (designed by Libby Baker). I am using Lion Brand Cotton Ease #107 (a lovely medium blue). I also decided to start a jigsaw puzzle that was on the table (I NEVER do these but it was relaxing). There was another couple waiting for the wife's scans to begin. We got into a oconversation. They were so nice. They are from Oklahoma (now) but he is originally from NYC and she from Dallas, TX. And boy....they were a perfect example of when I say, "Could be worse!" when people suggest that my life has it's problems....They were married this past June. He asked how her health was and she assured him that it was fine! He asked because his first two wives each died of cancer. Her husband of 41 years died of cancer. Six weeks after their wedding, she was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma! But....they were SO optimistic, full of faith, cheerful and wonderful to talk to!
After Gerry's scans he was so wiped out and, I am sure, depressed, that we returned to the hotel and he went to sleep....for 15 hours!
On Wednesday we went to the doctor. As soon as they took Gerry's vital signs we saw there was a problem. His blood pressure was VERY high...186/98. They took it several times, had us sit quietly in a room for a while and took it again...still high. He can't start treatment if his BP is high because this treatment can cause high BP so you have to have it in check before starting. The dr gave Gerry BP medicine and told us to return the next day. We went to watch the Astros game that night...they was a great game and we relaxed and had fun (the Yankees win was an added bonus).
On Thursday we returned for his blood test. Out came the very sweet but very hyper nurse who took his pressure on Wednesday. This only made Gerry nervous, and he was already very anxious about his BP. Sure enough, it was too high. We met with the doctor who assured Gerry that he will not lose his place in the clinical trial. We were told to go back home, see Gerry's internist re: the BP, get it downto acceptible numbers (under 140/90) and then go back to TX. Gerry was so disappointed but understood that it wasn't the end of the world. So we rebooked our tickets - for $185/each additional charge due to the change in the fares. He took a nap, we packed, had lunch and went to the airport - 2 days earlier than planned. We didn't get into the house until almost midnight and of course, I had to unpack EVERYTHING! Then I got up at 5:30 AM to go to work. Had I taken Friday off I would have had no more sick days, so going in saved that last one (till I start accummulating more next month).
Gerry saw his dr on Friday. Would you believe it? His BP in the dr's office was 126/78? But because of what Gerry told the dr, he doubled the dose on the BP meds. Today it was still high, but better than when we were in TX. I booked Gerry a flight for next Sunday night, which he'll take as long as the pressure comes down. If all goes well, he'll get his BP checked on Monday, have blood drawn, and take the chemo treatment on Wed the 12th. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers so we can get the ball rolling.


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