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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wholesale Therapy

An acquaintance of mine (actually, the wife of Gerry's friend) invited me to her house today for an English Tea party combined with shopping, food and fellowship for "the girls." I decided that I could do with getting out for a bit. I really like Julie and love seeing her home. I knew that the things for sale at her house would probably be WAY out of my league financially, but it's fun to look, isn't it? Before I left, Gerry gave me money to buy something, 'cause he felt that this was a good friend of his and they were nice enough to invite me. Hey - who am I to argue? However, I had no intention of buying for the sake of buying, especially is the prices were high. Well - was I ever surprised. First off....the food was so nice...teeny little crustless sandwiches made of egg or chicken salad, or cucumbers (isn't that called watercress?), tempting little muffins filled with jam with devonshire topping nearby, fresh fruit, chocolate pretzels and some yummy cookies.

The items for sale turned out to be VERY reasonably priced. The first salesperson was showing jewelry (no sales pitch, just a display on a table). They were all made from lovely beads - silver, glass, etc, but not my style. In the guestroom another woman had a rack of clothing. Most of it was rayon/cotton, sort of a 1960/70 hippie flare. I bought a really lightweight blouse that ties in the back and has sequins in front. I also wanted it in a very pale green/gray but it was tight going on/off (although once on it fit perfectly). The saleswoman is going to try to get it in either that color or white. I also bought a denim jacket that has silver buttons on it. After making my purchases, I returned to the livingroom where I saw the cutest bags, made from jeans. Now I am NOT a trendy person by any means, but these were just too cute. I like them all but had to have the one with the doggie lining - there was my dacshund Rusty (if you look carefully you can see Rusty to the right, just inside the handle) and a maltese (long-hair, not short hair like my 3) on the fabric, with a silver tag that reads I LOVE DOGS! How could I possibly resist buying it (and it would make Gerry SO happy for me to spend his money). Blue seemed to like the bag as well when I got it home.


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