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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Low-Down

On Wednesday we received the paperwork explaining the research study that Gerry will be part of. Today I spoke to the nurse who answered our questions. Basically, Gerry will receive 6 hours of chemo involving two drugs plus either a third or it's placebo (and no one will know who has which). He will get the treatment on day one of every three week cycle, and on the second cycle (6 weeks) he'll also get tests done. So I extended our stay through Sept. 1, secured a sub, finished setting up my room (for the students arrive Monday), rented a car and got flights. We are SO lucky in that department. Continental Airlines has an arrangement with MD Anderson Medical Center. If you are a patient there, you can book tickets that can be changed with no penalty (you might have to pay a difference in fare though). I wasn't going to book those tix this time, figuring we would fly back after Gerry's doctor visit on the 29th. But since it was only a difference of $30 over the web pricing, I went ahead and got them. Good thing, since the very next day we found out that we would be staying until September 1. When I called to change the flights, the fare was less than the original one, so we saved $35 (of course, since we are renting the car for 2 more days we have to pay more there, but every little bit helps).


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