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Friday, June 15, 2007

Still On The Road Part 4 (Go, TEAM!)

June 14 - Gerry had decided a few days back that he would return to NY and finish the trip with me. Before picking him up at the airport I stopped in the Bronx to visit another friend/former co-worker, Daphne at the school where she works as Media specialist. We barely said Hi and exchanged a few pleasantries when she was called to do duty for graduation rehearsal. So....I sat in too (I was only there for an hour anyway). When I left, I just HAD to have a NY delicacy that I had been planning to have but didn't up till then....WHITE CASTLE HAMBURGERS!!! Now I admit that you have to have an acquired taste to appreciate them, and having grown up and spent most of my life in the Bronx, I do truly appreciate them (it helps if you don't eat them all the time, too). Two for breakfast....lousy for a diet, great for my head:
Then it was off to LaGuardia to pick up Gerry. I got there just in time. Gerry was ready for the Yankee game we were going to (the tix were exchanges from the game we missed in April) as he was wearing white shorts, an official white with blue pinstipes Yankee jersey (with # 7 on the back) and a Yankee hat. When we walked to baggage, a boy of about 7 walked up to Gerry and asked,"Are you a Yankee Manager?" Gerry said, "No I'm a Yankee fan." The boy kept looking at him so I asked, "Why, does he look like a manager?" and the boy shook his head 'yes.' Gerry said, "I'd rather look like a Yankee ball player!" Then I showed the boy my Yankee t-shirt and asked if I looked like a manager too. Trying not to look at me as if I was totally nuts, he simply whispered "no."

As we waited for Gerry's bags there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around I saw Itzia, a teacher from my school in Florida. She and her husband had been on Gerry's flight (though he didn't know her). Small world! We then headed for Yankee Stadium where we met my brother Jon and my mom. We weren't sitting together...we'd be about 2 sections apart, but we could see and wave to each other. The game was great and the Yanks won.Gerry and I left after the 8th inning so we could start our drive out of the city. We spent that night outside of D.C. and the next night in Charlotte, NC.


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