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Monday, May 21, 2007

Keeping Busy

Today Rusty and Tiemann, my two dogs, went in for grooming. Tiemann is a maltese. He gets a short haircut and the works. Rusty, my dachshund, gets a bath, nail clipping and tooth brushing. While they were there, I met my friend Melinda for lunch at Too Jays. It just opened in Boynton Beach. I love their whitefish salad. We had a really nice visit. After that I hung around the mall, browsing, looking for sandals (didn't see any that I either liked or that I wanted to pay a fortune for). I DID find a wrought iron 'thing' to hang on the wall, in Kirkland. It's off white, with rust spots, very Hemingway-esque....I know that when Gerry sees it he will think it needs paining. I want to hang it next to the distressed bookcase in the living room.

Then I ventured to JC Penney, where I never go. They had a sale - buy one, get the second for 99 cents. Who would have thought?....I found a cute pair of denim capri jeans, cuffed, that actually fit me. So I bought two pair.

Then it was off to pick up 'the boys' at Pet Smart groomers. I have had a $50 voucher that I won last summer, for a certain brand of dog food. I couldn't find anyone who carried the food, but Pet Smart had the treats (by Old Mother Hubbard). Since the voucher is up May 31, I had to use it. I bought LOTS of treats, figuring I would share it with my grandpuppies. When I got to the register, the cashier said that this voucher was a rebate...I had to make the purchase and then submit he register receipt for the rebate. Fine, I said. Well, when I got home, I saw that it was actually a rebate FOR THE STORE!! Now I have to go back this week and have them credit my charge card and then THEY can apply for the rebate. As I was going in and out of the store several times, I saw the Humane Society with a few dogs. They are there every week, hoping to get the dogs adopted. I wasn't worried, for beside my two, we are taking my daughter's two maltese to live with us in June (4 little dogs...ok, shoot me NOW!). Then I recognized one of the dogs with the Humane Society folk...I had seen her on TV. This poor little pit bull with the sweetest face was in the news last week...a horrible, rotten, no good kid had cut off both of it's ears...all the way to the head. I get sick to my stomach just thinking of it. It's a good thing I have no room for any more animals, for my heart went out to this little dog and I would have wanted to take her home - she really was so sweet. So, as I pushed my cart out, loaded with bags of doggie treats, I stopped and gave the woman from the HS one of the big bags, plus a few dollars donation. And then I cried as I took my purchase to the car.
The rest of the afternoon I spent "futzing" around the house. Actually, I had to UNDO a boo-boo. Yesterday I tried to install another AOL onto Gerry's computer - he has his account on his laptop, and I wanted my own account on there as well, for when we travel. When I installed it, my account went right over his! EGAD! So I called AOL today and was told that because he has used up so much space on his computer (he has movies downloaded onto it) there was no room for 2 AOL's. The repair was easy...I just installed it again, and his account went over mine. WHEW! Then I put the disc into my MAC laptop and was able to upgrade the AOL I use on the MAC...from 5.0 to MAC 10.3. Now it's time to watch Desperate Housewives. Think I'll have a little ice cream, too!

I received a wonderful Mother's Day gift from Avi (and his parents) - an apron that Alison embroidered on...Grandma Jody...with a note from Avi saying that it's to wear when we make chocolate chip cookies. I can't wait!In The Meantime...
Some nice things happening: after going to root for the NY Mets against the FL Marlins on May 25th, we fly the next day to GA to see Alison, Michael and Avi for three days. I can't wait. I miss them so much. I wish I could move there as they want us to, but we can't at this time. Avi is changing every day and doing so many new things and I am not seeing it first hand, so I have to get there, if only for a few days. The following week, school ends and then Gerry and I are taking a road trip up north. We will spend two days in Ocala with my younger daughter Becca and her husband Phil. Then we'll drive north, spending a night on the road, and ending up in CT at my brother Jon's house. That weekend we are going with Gerry's brother and wife to Mohegan Sun Casino for a night. On the 10th I am going to my niece's dance recital. She is 16 and a great dancer, and she is even thinking of going to a college with a good dance program. I'll spend a few days seeing friends, then join Gerry, Jon and my mom (who will also be in CT for 10 days) at a Yankee game (have to use tix that we have from a rained out game). From the game Ger and I will drive to Atlanta to spend Father's Day weekend and a few days more with Alison, Michael and Avi, pick up their two little dogs who are coming to live in our house (ok, so I'll need intense therapy after that - or maybe before, for agreeing to take them), and then home. I just hope we don't have to leave a day or two after that for Texas....SIGH! life's SO busy, isn't it?


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