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Sunday, June 10, 2007

On The Road Again Part 1

June found us away once more. School ended (YEA!!) June 1 and the next day Gerry and I started our road trip north.
June 2 - drove to Ocala and spent two nights with Becca and Phil. On Sunday they invited Becca's Aunt Pat and Uncle Jimmy (along with Cameron and Ashlyn, their grandchildren) to dinner. We always have fun with them (they are my "former" inlaws). After dinner we went to see their lovely new house in Oak Run.
June 4 - drove to just outside of Savannah, GA (right off of I95). If we had more time we would have done some sightseeing, but we were so tired).
June 5 - drove to Fredericksburg, Va (right off I95). Took in a movie that night.
June 6 - drove to Atlantic City, NJ and got a two night stay at Resorts International. It was lovely. I didn't have much luck but I did enjoy myself. Gerry had awakened with a pain in his side and it bothered him all day. By the next day he was scared that it was more cancer (though I really thought it was just a pulled muscle). I called his dr's office in Texas and after speaking to them awhile, a prescription was called in to the local Eckard's pharmacy. We walked over to get it. The pharmacist was a ____! He refused to fill the prescription because it was called in by the physician's assistant (which is ALWAYS how they do it). Gerry got upset and the pharmacist became very nasty. I sent Gerry outside, diffused the situation, and then called TX. The pharmacist refused "to talk to a cell phone!!" The nurse in TX was shocked. I told her I would find a Walgreen's for them to call it into. When I got back to the hotel I did find the closest one...28 miles away. Gerry's brother Eddie and wife Billie were coming to join us the next day, Friday, so they said they would pick it up. As soon as THAT was settled, we got a call from TX telling us that Gerry's health insurance plan has a clause AGAINST clinical trials and would not pay for it. Gerry felt so down and hopeless, for he felt that if the cancer came back he would at least have a fighting chance. Then he remembered that the day we left, I had received my health insurance cards from NYC (I retired from NYC in Dec.). We gave the info to the business office at MD Anderson in TX....and it's a go....they cover it!
NEXT crisis - we received a call from our good friend John that our longtime friend/tenent/dog watcher had totaled our car - Gerry's 1999 Ford Explorer that was PAID GREAT CONDITION...and very much loved by Gerry! After a few calls we found out that our "friend" had a small fender-bender, no biggie, then took off and smashed into a tree. He was arrested on NO LICENSE (we thought he had one) and DUI!!! Do I have to tell you how FURIOUS Gerry was? Even me, who is pretty even tempered about most things these days, I was hurt and angry. Well, this guy is NO LONGER a part of our lives, that's for sure. Poor Gerry! He decided to fly back to FL the next day (Friday). He didn't leave until the afternoon, so he could spend a little time with Eddie and Billie. I have to add here that until the car problem, we had been having such a nice time together!
After Gerry left I spent the evening with Eddie and Billie, and the next day (June 9) I headed for Connecticut.


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