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Sunday, June 10, 2007

On The Road Again Part 2 (Connecticut)

Gerry got home and just about cried when he saw the car. There was no hope for it. So he settled in to take care of some things there at home and with the car/insurance/etc.
I went to my brother's house in Norwalk, Ct. My mother had flown in the day before. We were going to go to my niece Gianna's dance recital. Usually she only has my brother Jon there, but this time there were to be a whole bunch of us (more on that later).

Two days before I had gotten a call from my friend Rosemarie that her daughter Deona had given birth. The hospital was in Greenwich, CT. Since I was nearby, mom and I decided to pay a short visit. Deona was so happy to see us, and I got to see not only her beautiful new baby girl Gia Marie (who looked JUST like Rosemarie),but also Sienna, Dee's 17 month old little girl who I had never seen. It was a fun visit.

The next day was the recital. Gianna, 16, was AWESOME. She has been taking dance lessons for about 9 years. She was in 7 numbers in the matinee and 5 in the evening show. Besides us for the evening show was my son Adam and his girlfriend Melanie, my sister-in-law Gloria and her son Steven, and Gianna's friend Sarah and her mom. Gianna danced hip-hop, tap, jazz, modern dance and ballet. She hopes to pursue a career in dance and she certainly is off to a good start.
After the evening show my brother took the family out to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant for dinner. We had a blast!!!! We talked about old times, ranked on my brother's last and most horrible girlfriend (believe me, she was awful!!!), and laughed all night!


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