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Sunday, May 20, 2007

On My Own (temporarily)

This weekend Gerry flew to Cincinatti to visit with his friend Dave. Gerry looks and feels pretty good, so they decided to have a golf visit. He called today, very pleased with himself....he completed 18 holes of golf - tired, but he did it. Tomorrow they will play again at the country club that Dave works at. I am really happy that Gerry is doing so well. Next weekend we are flying to Atlanta and Gerry is bringing his tennis racket, to hit the ball around with Michael.

So I've been single this weekend and enjoyed myself. Friday I had a much needed massage. I was getting them once a month but have only had one since December. It was SO relaxing, especially since this time I didn't talk to Sarina all the way through it. She and I were both quiet and I almost fell asleep, it was so good, The rest of the evening I just chilled. Saturday morning I took the assessment test for the National Board Certification (for educators). It was the final leg of the torturous program I went through this year. I definitely know I did not pass this test. It wasn't hard...I just don't THINK in the terminology that you need to express in answering the questions...I just TEACH!
Then I drove to the mall to pick up Mom, who was hanging out there for the morning, and to get a gift certificate for my friend's whose anniversary celebration we were going to that afternoon (they love the movies as much as Gerry and I do).
Later on Mom and I joined my dear friends Lily and Pete at the Embassy Suites hotel in Deerfield Beach and relaxed by the pool. Lily had surprised Pete by securing a room (really a one bedroom apartment) for the night. We were joined by another friend who I had not seen in almost a year (she worked with us but moved away last summer). Some more relaxing and then we changed and drove to Little Havana, a really good Cuban restaurant, and met Olivia and her hubby George. Olivia was my principal for 10 years here in Florida, but was moved to another school last year. I have transferred and will be joining her, Lily and others who went with them, when school resumes next year (August). After a wonderful dinner and lots of good conversation, we went back to Lily and Pete's for more visiting. It was a really nice day all around.


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