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Thursday, June 14, 2007

On The Road Again Part 3 (Just for Me)

June 11 - I drove the The Bronx to visit a friend/former coworker. She is an assistant principal of a school in NYC. I went with her to the school, did some wandering through the Fordham Road Area. It's not at all what it was when I was growing up in the Bronx. It was congested then, but now it's three times as busy. I didn't spend too much time there as there was really nothing for me to shop for (and not the kind of stores that I would find things in for myself either). Jo (my friend) was able to leave at 3 so we went to her place for dinner, and then took a ride to Yonkers Raceway. There is now a casino inside with slot machines. I played for awhile and won $75. Then we watched one race and left.
June 12 - While Jo went to work I hung around the house, relaxing (something I have a hard time doing). It was nice to do some reading, watching TV, and taking a power walk around Country Club neighborhood. That night we took the subway to Manhattan and went to see the Broadway Show Rent (one of my all time favorites...this was my 4th time seeing it, first time on Broadway). Loved it!!!
June 13 - I met my friend Ruth for lunch in Co-op City. Our children, especially our sons, grew up together (and have renewed their friendship). We had a nice catch-up session, and then I headed to Manhattan. I was lucky and got a metered spot on Columbus Avenue and 69th Street - amazing!! I met my friend Regina at Starbucks. Regina has been my friend ever since I was her daughter Miranda's kindergarten teacher in 2000. We talked awhile and then walked over to the school to meet Miranda. She attends the Special Music School, where I LOVED teaching for a year. At dismissal the kids came out and were so surprised to see me. Out of the 14 students I taught in Kindergarten in 2000, 9 are still attending. We hugged and talked and took pictures (but I didn't get their parent's permission to post them, sorry).
I left them at around 4 PM and drove about an hour north to Hopewell Junction, NY, where I visited with my friends Rosemarie and Al (the new grandparents) at their BEAUTIFUL new home!


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