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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

We had such a nice weekend! On Friday Gerry and I went to watch the Mets play the Marlins here in Florida. We had a good time and YEA! the Mets won! The next day we flew to Atlanta to spend a few days with Alison, Michael and Avi. We stayed until Monday evening. Avi gets cuter (if that is possible) each day. I love to watch his parents with him....they are so cute together.
We took Avi to the pool on Sunday. He loves the water, even though it was a bit cold. We had a good time playing with Avi, especially Gerry.
There was one down spot, though. Alison gave me a bottle of breast milk to give to Avi at bedtime. He was NOT happy about my giving it to him. He is going through "stranger anxiety." he is fine with me when he is up and playing, but I guess because bedtime is so much his parents "thing" he didn't want any part of me. I tried but I do understand, and finally Alison came in and put him to bed. It's not worth upsetting him. I know that most babies go through this at this age. It was hard to leave them, but we'll see the kids again for Father's Day weekend.


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