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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Take Me Away from the Ball Game

Originally we were going to fly home on Tuesday, but, being the Yankee fans that we are, we paid to change our tickets so we could stay up north another day and go watch the Yankees play ball. I had ordered the tickets weeks ago, not wanting to chance not getting a ticket. Well...I should have waited! Wednesday was a very rainy day, so bad, in fact, that before we checked out of the hotel, I called the airlines and paid AGAIN to change the flight - to leave earlier, as we knew the game would be called off. Sure enough, we drove to the stadium and found out that the game was cancelled. However, Gerry and I did some shopping at the shops across from the stadium. He bought a beautiful Yankee jacket, an authentic jersey with # 7 (Mickey Mantles number) on it...something Gerry has always wanted...
t-shirts for each of us, one for Avi (of course) and a car and bear for Avi (sorry, Alison...I tried to tell Papa Gerry that Avi has enough stuffed animals, but he said, "But he doesn't have a YANKEE bear," so....he does now! Then it was off to a diner and the flight home.


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