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Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Weekend

We spent the weekend in GA with Alison, Michael and Avi. Avi is now doing the "infantry crawl" and scoots around the floor at breakneck speed. He is one happy baby, too! He now waves at everyone and everything to say HI! The afternoon we arrived we went to a neighborhood party by the pool. Everyone there is really nice. Late that night we watched Ocean's 11 in the kid's media room. It's so comfy, I fell asleep. Sunday we went on a hike up Kennesaw Mt. The kids took it easy on us, taking us on the short hike. We did really's a mile hike, halfway uphill and the other half....yup, downhill. I loved it and wish I could hike more. That night I helped give Avi his bath, which he LOVES. After he went to sleep we watched Ocean's 12! and again I conked out but woke before the ending. Luckily I had seen both movies before. Monday we went to dinner at a good Italian restaurant, to celebrate Dad's day. It was easier than trying to go ON Father's Day. After dinner Alison got a baby sitter, since Avi was asleep, so we could go to the movies to see Ocean's 13. It was cute, but getting too played out by now.


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