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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Topless Once More

My convertible top is finally fixed and I can drive topless once more. The upolsterer did a fabulous job in replacing the frame and motor, but after I picked it up, it leaked like a sieve. I brought it back and they couldn't adjust the windows any better than they already were, when one of the men noted that a window was down by 1/8 inch. When I tried to put it up, the window was frozen. Enter Jimmy, my mechanic. I brought the car to him and he replaced the motors for BOTH front windows, and lo and behold, the leak was fixed. Weelll, sort still leaks a tiny bit from the same spot it always did.....onto my left leg, but I was used to that so it doesn't matter. What does matter is that the rest of the leakage is fixed. So, I SWEETLY told my car that mama bought it a new altenator, breaks with shoes, top frame and motor, 2 window, what a great summer for the car's it is NOT allowed to get sick for at least another 2 years...3 would be nice, but let's not push it. I promise to love it, feed it (and we all know how costly THAT is), get the oil changed and occasionally buy it new (brake) shoes, but it has to do it's part to stay healthy, too!


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