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Saturday, June 11, 2005

It's Hot.....DAMN, Hot!

Ok, I HAVE experienced hotter weather, but it's still HOT (upper 90's)!! This past week I have been in Chandler, AZ, helping my daughter Alison pack for their move to Georgia. My trip was planned WAY before they decided to move, but was perfect timing. Now most people would say that they would rather not be involved in packing, but I was thrilled to be able to help, since my kids rarely ask for my help, they are just so independent (which, by the way, is a good thing). But when I offered...they jumped on it! We got LOTS of boxes packed, and today had a garage sale and then donated the leftovers to Goodwill.
In between I did get some knitting done. On the plane I was working on the shrug (pink one, see previous post) but was stumped on the directions. Alison rescued me and I knitted some more, until I came to a glitch in the pattern that neither one of us could figure out. So at Alison's suggestion, I e-mailed and they responded within 24 hours as to how to proceed. I have not picked up the piece to continue, but the new instruction makes sense (let's see how it translates to actual practice). In the meantime I am working on my gray cardigan, and have a slight anxiety inside that I will not have enough yarn to finish. SOOOO - I will attach the fronts to the back, knit the border onto the piece, and then, if I have enough yarn I will finish the sleeves (halfway done). If not, I will try to get more yarn or else I will have one very lovely vest!! I also brought my WOW! Chenille sweater pieces with me so I can sew that together. But the best thing is....tomorrow Alison and I are going to dye white wool with Kool-Aid - I have never done that before. Should be pretty cool!!!
Tonight we are off to dinner and then to the movies to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Can't wait!!! Happy knitting, to all and have a good weekend!


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