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Friday, December 26, 2008

Being a Grandma Rocks!!

I am having such a wonderful time with Avi. He is now 25 months old, talks constantly and is so much fun. He LOVES books and wants to be read to all the time. Not baby books either. We read books that I would read to my kindergarten class. I brought him about 7 books. He loves Caps for Sale and Tikki Tikki Tembo, and can tell me parts of the story. I also bought him books as Hanukkah gifts, which he was thrilled with. I play, read and run around with him all day... good thing he takes an afternoon nap - I do too! Alison and Michael have been putting together Avi's "big boy room" and so I occupy Avi while Alison sews and Michael puts furniture together, hangs pictures, etc. The room is done and it's beautiful. Tomorrow they will work more on the coming baby's room. The furniture is in place but Alison wants to work on curtains, bedding and accessories.
On Tuesday evening they had invited some neighbors in for Hanukkah. Their neighbor Deb made latkes and Alison made homemade applesauce. The Ryans came with 6 yr old twins Johnny and Tori. Avi had ball playing dreidle with them. On Xmas day we went to a friend of Alison and Mike's for a Festivus for The Rest of Us brunch - something for all their Jewish friends who don't celebrate Xmas. It was very nice - a house full of thirty-somethings, some with kids, many pregnant, all very friendly. The food was wonderful - everyone brought something yummy.
Today Alison, Avi and I went to Walmart and Target to take advantage of some after Xmas sales of wrapping paper and such. It was a pretty successful trip.


  • At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Donna S. said…

    Well, my goodness, Jody. Hope your face heals nicely. How weird was that. I know you are having a big time with Avi & he is with you. Grandkids are the best!!!


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