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Friday, August 22, 2008

My 'New' Car

I needed a car of my own. Our two cars were both leased by Gerry, in his name only. I could have kept and made payments on either one, but, while they were great cars (2005 Pontiac Grand Prix and 2007 Ford Explorer) the payments were too high, the mileage not nearly good enough, and in a year they would go back and I would have nothing. My neighbor was returning the car he leased for his son, so we talked and I bought out his lease. It's a 2004 Mazda 6i sedan, sunroof, CD player with BOSE system, 34,400 miles, and the new battery he put in a few days ago. I brought it to a body shop to take out some scratches and such and detail it really well as my neighbor smoked in the car (I just noticed two small burn marks today, one on the ceiling and one on the carpet). The body shop did a really good job on the car - but when I got it home I saw that the cleaning of the inside wasn't good enough for me. I dug into every crevice and came up with a quarter and a penny - two spots that they missed, vacuumed into nooks and crannies, recleaned the shelf by the back window (a light film of ash was there), re-armoralled the leather and doors - everything that wasn't fabric; used Fabreeze on everything that WAS fabric, and put my new steering wheel cover on.

I still have my neighbor's tag on it. The car is insured by me but the title isn't in my name so I can't register it to me until it is. I can't wait to have my BX GIRL tag on it (BX is short for BRONX as in NY).


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