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Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving in Destin, FL

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! My mother and I flew to Destin, FL (in the panhandle) on Wed. night. Alison, Michael and Avi flew in from Atlanta, GA. They got in earlier and so when we arrived there Alison had already baked two pies and a delicious maple/pecan/pumpkin crunch concoction. On Thanksgiving Day Avi saw his first Macy's parade.
He loved the dancing at the beginning when the Broadway performances were on. He and I danced around the living room. A few of the balloons caught his eye but that was it. He does not watch TV at home. In fact, aside from seeing TV on in a restaurant or in someone else's house, Avi did not watch any TV until October when his father let him watch the kickoff of a Gator football game. He doesn't "miss it" either. Avi LOVES to look at books and be read to. I brought him 8 books and we read them over and over. I was amazed that he really picked up on the pattern of the book That's Bad, That's Good. It's a kindergarten level book and he loved it. During the day Alison, Becca, myself, Phil and Michael pitched in to make the dinner, and it was wonderful!
On Friday Avi had a fever and his nose was congested. He was so uncomfortable, especially sleeping. That night and the next he woke more than several times so we didn't get much sleep. I tried to pitch in to help out and let Alison and Michael get a little more sleep. Friday night we did get to go to PF Changs where Becca is a manager. The meal was fabulous and Avi was so good. Aunt Becca gave Avi the "grand tour." Later that night Phil took Alison and I to J. Crew where we got a few good bargains in the sale.

On Saturday we went to the dock on the Gulf side to show Avi the boats. We had so much fun, and even got to see a pod of dolphins popping in and out of the water. We ate at McGuire's, an Irish pub/restaurant where the food was soooooo good. Later on when Avi was napping Michael stayed back to watch him and the rest of us went to the outlet center to shop. The only real bargains were in the Children's Place where we picked up a few little hats, shoes, etc.

Sunday was travel home day, and after some delays with the flights, we all made the trek back home. It was SUCH a wonderful weekend with my kids and Mom.


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