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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good Friends, Good Times

Tonight I went to dinner with two very good friends. We went to school together from 5th grade through HS. Maddy and I had seen each other several times over the years but she came back into my life in a fuller way about 9 years ago. I knew Lois in school but just to say hello to. Last April she found me on Classmates and lo and behold... we live 2 miles from each other. She is SOOO nice as is Maddy). They then hooked up not only with each other but with Debbie, who I have been in touch with for the past 9 years. Maddy and Debbie both live in NJ. On Monday Maddy arrived in Ft. Lauderdale with her daughter Leslie for a little vacation. Lois and I met them tonight for dinner. We ate at the Bimini Boatyard. We had the BEST time, talking about the past, the present, everything and anything. There is nothing like good friends, especially when you share a common past. And we all agreed... Bronx Girls Rule!!!
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