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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Really Should Stick to Kissing Princes!

I am spending my entire two week winter break with Alison, Michael and Avi in Atlanta. I left home on Monday, planning to make the 10 hour drive in one day with a stop in Ocala at my ex husband's brother and sister-in-law's home for lunch (divorced the man, NOT the family). Their daughter Maureen was visiting from NY and I wanted to get to see her too. I had a really nice visit with them and was about to leave. They have a "new" 4 yr old rottweiller dog, Nicki. She is about 100 lbs or so, very sweet (or so it seemed). As I ALWAYS do, I put my face to hers to let her lick me, and she did. I sat up, bent down again and she licked me - and then she decided to take a bite - out of my face! I heard her teeth chomp and felt the pain on my nose but I didn't panic (my sister-in-law Pat did that enough for both of us). As soon as I saw blood when I pulled my hand away from my nose I thought, "Don't get blood on the sweatsuit!" - the crazy things that matter at these times, huh? I was perfectly calm through it all. We went to where my nephew Michael works. He is a nurse practitioner. I saw that it was some cuts around my nose and a tear above my lip that went through to the inside of my lip, but my nose was in place, not broken, and I knew that I couldn't get stitches for a dog bite. Michael cleaned it up and they put steri-strips over the 1/2 inch upside down "V" flap on my upper lip, gave me a tetanus shot and a prescription for antibiotic. (As I was leaving we noticed that, while all the damage was on the right side of my face, there was a nick under my left jaw - guess the dog had really taken the whole bottom part of my face into her mouth). Pat was ok ( she was sooo upset and worried that I would hate her for what the dog did) and I was too. I went back, got my car and did the rest of the drive up to Atlanta, getting in around midnight. Luckily my mom doesn't read my blog because I haven't told her. It will be easier to tell her when she is looking at a perfectly healed face - I can show her a pix of me taken after I left Ocala if she feels compelled to see me battered. I feel fine and it's healing well. I am eager to see how it looks when the steri-strip falls off. I know there will be a scar, I just hope it's flat and not lumpy - and if so, I will look to have plastic surgery on it. It could have been SOOOO much worse. Luckily for me the dog just "nipped" me. If she was being aggressive she would have taken half my face off.


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