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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Back to Blogging

I can't believe that it's been 2 1/2 months since my last post (ok, so maybe I CAN believe it, but still...). I have not been keeping a running record of my life since then, and to go back and try to get it all done would be, well, boring. So for the two or three of you who are nice enough to read my blog, I'll do a quick fill in here and promise to TRY to blog more often.

First and foremost - I am fine! Hard to believe that Gerry has been gone for almost 4 months. I miss him a lot but I have to say, I am not lonely. I am not one to sit and brood or whine over things that have happened over which I had no control. Life goes on, and it has. Work is good this year but keeps me very busy. I have a nice group of 18 students - talkative, with the typical short attention span of kindergarteners, but no behavior problems among them. The unfortunate thing about teaching where I do though is that because the average student is "low" the county is always coming up with new regulations to teach this way or that or have this or that up on your walls, etc. It's not that I disagree with most of it but we are constantly having to change what we are doing AT THE MOMENT and make, do, get something new. It's exhausting at times. Enough about work!!

Avi - my grandson. He is the love of my life. He and I have gotten very close, even though we live in different states. I have been to Atlanta 4 times since my last post. Once was to watch him overnight while his parents went to TN for a GATOR game. It was the first time I (or anyone else) watched him alone overnight or drove in the car with Avi without his parents. We had a GREAT time. I took him to parks on Saturday and Sunday. We read LOTS of books (he is a book addict I think - isn't that amazing for a not quite two year old?) and played in his wonderful playroom. Avi turned 2 on November 3rd. How time flies.

When I was visiting in October Avi told me something wonderful. The conversation went like this:
Me: What?
Avi: NEWS!!
Me: What's the new?
Avi: Baby in Eema's tummy!! (Avi calls his parents Eema and Aba, the Hebrew names for Mommy and Daddy)

That's right!! I am going to be a GRANDMA again. AND.... it's a GIRL!! She is due April 8th, 2009. We are all thrilled!! I won't be knitting any new sweaters for a tiny baby because 1. Alison already had made a few 2. Avi wore so few sweaters as an infant, it would be a waste. I will eventually make the new baby a sweater or two of her own in a toddler size. Right now I am trying to finish the gray sweater that I am making for Michael that I started on my Alaska cruise. I have one and 1/4 sleeve left to do and since it's a top down and no sewing involved, it will be complete when the sleeves are finished.


  • At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Donna S. said…

    oh great news!!! So glad you are able to spend time with Avi. Grandchildren are the best thing!!! Good to hear from you:)


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